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Internet Tips : März 2003


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Help for Nervous Online Investors

Some investors are uncomfortable with online investing. For these individuals, a hybrid solution may be the answer: trading with a full-service offline broker but getting personalized advice online. For example, A. G. Edwards has more than 7,200 financial consultants and offers AGe-connect, a free online service for A. G. Edwards customers. AGe-connect is customized to meet each client's needs based on his or her investing profile and interests. Some of the features offered include account information, real-time quotes, news headlines, financial-planning tools, interactive charts, research, and account data downloads (which can be imported into personal-finance software, such as Quicken or MS Money).

Discover the fun and easy way to grow your portfolio using Internet resources with Investing Online For Dummies, 4th Edition, by Kathleen Sindell, PhD.

Web Site of the Week

Each individual investor has different needs, wants, and desires. Some investors want quick response times, low costs, and easy-to-navigate Web sties. Other investors want lots of products, tools, and high-quality customer service. The Internet offers many tools for helping you select a broker. One of the best is at SmartMoney. This tool ranks characteristics -- such as quality of service, costs, access to mutual funds, and so on -- to help you determine which online brokerage best suits your individual needs.


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The eBay Phrase That Pays

Here's a crash course in eBay lingo that can help bring you up to speed on attracting buyers to your next online auction. The following words are used frequently in eBay auctions, and they can do wonders to jump-start your title:

  • Mint
  • One of a kind (or OOAK)
  • Vintage
  • Collectible
  • Rare
  • Unique
  • Primative
  • Well-loved

If you've finished writing your item title and you have spaces left over, please fight the urge to dress it up with lots of exclamation points and asterisks. No matter how gung-ho you are about your item, the eBay search engine may overlook your item if the title is encrusted with meaningless **** and !!!! symbols.


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Tried and Untrue Viruses

Believe it or not, the amount of harm done by sending false computer virus alarms to your thousand closest friends can be just as damaging as the alleged virus (if it even exists!); if you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf, you understand why.

If you think you've got the scoop on the latest new devastating virus, check it out at the Web sites below before taking it on yourself to alert the world. If the virus is as terrible as you think it is, odds are the virus fighters already know about it and -- good news here! -- your antivirus software provider probably knows about it too and already has an update for it.

Check out virus hoaxes and urban legends at these sites:

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Online Car Quotes

When shopping for a new car online, try to get a new car dealer price quote from several sources, such as AutoWeb, Kelley, CarPrices or other online sites. Each of the sources provides you with an estimated dealer cost, which is likely to differ in each case. This doesn't mean that the estimates are inaccurate; several variables come into play when quoting car prices, such as options, destination charges, sales tax, and new pricing information that may not yet have shown up at a given Web site.

The estimate that you get from the Internet is often low, even by several hundred dollars. Why? The quote may not take account of extra options included on the particular car you're looking at, or extra options included on the particular car you're looking at, or extra costs such as import fees, gas charges, advertising costs, and so on. At the dealership, ask to see the actual factory invoice for the car you're buying. This figure is usually higher than the prices you'll see quoted on the Internet for the "standard" model. Don't decide your final offer merely on the "dealer invoice" price you see estimated on the Internet.

Save time and money with the road-tested tips in Buying a Car For Dummies, by Deanna Sclar.

Web Site of the Week

Kelley Blue Book is a venerable, respected institution that's now available online. Here you can find out the invoice price that the dealer pays for each type of vehicle, along with the cost of various options.

And Kelley Blue Book serves as a one-stop resource for automobile information as well. From within the site, you can find insurance quotes, vehicle reliability data, and some of the best, most comprehensive automotive data.






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