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NCD ThinSTAR 400/450
NCD ThinSTAR 400/450 offers the highest performance and flexibility with the lowest cost of ownership of any Windows-based Terminal in its class

NCD ThinSTAR 400/450 PDF Data Sheet

bulletHigh performance Intel architecture including L2 cache
bulletHigh speed Ethernet connectivity (10/100BaseT)
bulletHighly manageable, leveraging Intel Wired for Management design criteria (Wake-on-LAN)
bulletSecure Option Card slot standard (PCI)
bulletLargest System Memory and Flash Memory in its class for maximum flexibility
bulletModern, vertical, fan-less design for quiet operation in any environment
bulletOptional NCD ThinPATH Software enhances management, desktop functional support, and legacy connectivity
Superior access to Windows 2000 and Windows NT servers
The NCD ThinSTAR 400/450 Windows-based terminal and Windows 2000 are designed for each other. Each edition of Windows 2000 Server includes Terminal Services as an integrated feature. The NCD ThinSTAR 400/450 provides the industryís most robust end user experience in a Microsoft RDP environment for either Windows NT Server 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server. When combined with NCD ThinPATH Software, the NCD ThinSTAR 400/450 provides high performance graphics over RDP, audio input and output, and a wide range of local peripheral connectivity options. For those environments utilizing Citrix ICA, the same robust support is provided.


New levels of performance and flexibility
The NCD ThinSTAR 400/450 raises the bar for performance and flexibility. An Intel Pentium architecture with MMX acceleration and 512 kilobytes of Level 2 cache provides power to the desktop while maintaining your enterprise-wide desktop consistency. Integrate that power with fast graphics rendering via a high performance graphics sub-system and high-speed network connectivity, and you have the new standard in Windows-based Terminals.

The performance of the NCD ThinSTAR 400/450 complements the flexibility it offers. Its standard 32MB of system RAM is expandable to 288MB to support many simultaneous connections and web pages. The standard Flash RAM is 16MB, the most in its class. It can hold existing and future software options to expand the functionality and extend the reach of the NCD ThinSTAR 400/450. The 400 series also includes a standard, secure PCI card slot for future expansion requirements.

NCD ThinSTAR 400/450 can meet unique industry application requirements with its multiple, standard peripheral connectivity adapters. The NCD ThinSTAR 400/450 features 2 serial ports, one parallel port, 2 Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports, and 16-bit audio input and output. Windows applications can use local peripherals, printer or audio over either Microsoft RDP or Citrix ICA protocols. For remote connectivity, an external modem is supported.

NCD ThinPATH Software adds value
NCD ThinPATH is a family of software that enhances the functionality and flexibility of Terminal Server Edition and its embedded display protocol, Remote Desktop Protocol, (RDP) from a PC or NCD ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminal.

The NCD ThinPATH family is comprised of various products grouped into Management, Desktop Support and Emulation categories.

Advanced manageability for fast, easy deployment and maintenance
NCD ThinPATH Manager software delivers true "hands-free" management and administration. Each terminalís personality can be configured remotely, via a web browser. Wake-on-LAN technology allows for off-hours updates, diagnosis and maintenance. With the Centralized Configuration Tool, system administrators can configure terminals individually or in workgroups for fast and easy set-up. With its SNMP support, industry-standard enterprise management suites can administer and maintain the ThinSTAR 400/450.


World-class technical support
NCD and NCD Technology Certified Resellers provide a decade of experience in thin client computing. Backed by formal service level agreements with Microsoft and Citrix, a wide range of services are available that cover the entire thin client environment.


NCDóThe Thin Client Experts
NCD ThinSTAR 400/450 takes advantage of NCDís decade of experience in simplifying access to network-based information and applications. Our award-winning hardware and software combined with NCDís relationship with companies like Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and Citrix, together provide the most flexible thin client solutions.

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